Contemplative Genealogist – New Blog Site

To everyone following the Serendipity Chronicles blog, your support is appreciated more than words can ever adequately say.

Please note that The Contemplative Genealogist©™ has launched a new blog site. This is being done to provide more space for the research and story ideas which readers have asked us to tackle over the years. We’ll still have our “Words to Ponder” section and musings on compassion, kindness, serendipity, and spirituality, as well as helpful hints about family history research but now, we also have room for an expanded “References and Resources” page and the space to post more photos and write more about history and historic preservation efforts.

We hope you’ll check out our new site, and that you’ll like us both on WordPress and Facebook. Wishing you all love and light!


About Laurie Snyder

Laurie Snyder is a writer, editor, traveler, history researcher, humanities advocate, and educator. An award-winning journalist, her interviews with survivors of Pearl Harbor, Midway, and the Holocaust have appeared in national and regional news publications. The creator and managing editor of the 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers: One Civil War Regiment's Story ©™, The Contemplative Genealogist ©™ and The Contemplative Traveler ©™, she also serves as the principal consultant for Snyder's Point Communications.
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