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U.S. Trumpets Warnings Re: Rhino and Elephant Extinction, Urges International Collaboration to End Wildlife Trafficking

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A baby African Savannah Elephant trumpets his excitement. Source: Michelle Gadd, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (public domain). ? U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell spearheaded an African hunt of a different kind…

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British Airways Helps Travelers Fly Mindfully and with Confidence

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British Airways’Airbus A380 arrives at Heathrow Airport, London. Photo provided by British Airways (Steve Parsons/PA Wire, 2013). ? “I think people are really surprised at how many other people share the same fears that…

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Contemplative Genealogist – New Blog Site

To everyone following the Serendipity Chronicles blog, your support is appreciated more than words can ever adequately say. Please note that The Contemplative Genealogist©™ has launched a new blog site. This is being done to provide more space for the … Continue reading

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“Fraternally Yours, H.D.W.” – Civil War Soldiers’ Letters and Diaries

If you’re researching ancestors from Pennsylvania, or just interested in Civil War history, these letters and diary entries from soldiers who served with the 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers might be of interest: Letters Home and Diaries Kept

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