Must-read book about African elephants and poaching

Sadly, elephant poaching is on the rise again. This is a must read for anyone who is a fan of these noble creatures.

Book about elephants

elephant book

The Games End

A novel that brings awareness to the poaching of elephants, and how if we don’t start saving the elephants they will no longer be with us. The novel by author William Gardner, is a novel that talks about the tragedies regarding African elephant poaching. This is important because right now the issue is strong. The Author has been to Africa himself many times and witnessed the tragedies, from which he got the inspiration needed to write the book. The book is about elephants in Africa, and it contains romance and adventure. Its called The Games End, check it out, it’s on Amazon also available as Kindle for $4.99 here

Save the elephant
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Review: This book is packed with action from start to finish; it opens with the main character Astrid and her faithful servant Mojo, facing…

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