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Definitely worth checking this resource out.

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I’ve got a stack of Yank Magazines from World War Two in the Local history room.  I just digitized one of them from November 1944.  Yank Magazine started in June, 1942 and ended in December, 1945.  It had 21 edition on in 17 countries (the editions we have are British). They were made for GI’s and the magazine looks like it was modeled on Life Magazine with it’s large photo’s and even the cover design.  Inside the one that I digitized you will find an article on the liberated concentration camp called Vittel, an account of the battle for the German city of Aachen (I visited the rebuilt version of Aachen 10 years ago), the Japanese threat to China, news from home, sports, letters and the most popular feature of the magazine the pin-up girl.

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Laurie Snyder is a writer, editor, traveler, history researcher, humanities advocate, and educator. An award-winning journalist, her interviews with survivors of Pearl Harbor, Midway, and the Holocaust have appeared in national and regional news publications. The creator and managing editor of the 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers: One Civil War Regiment's Story ©™, The Contemplative Genealogist ©™ and The Contemplative Traveler ©™, she also serves as the principal consultant for Snyder's Point Communications.
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